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Friday, August 22, 2014

♥ I finally bought a DSLR! If you follow me on twitter you probably would have already heard about it. A canon 700D to be precise which means no more iPhone photos - woo! I've been very happy with my purchase (despite my bank account still being in ruins) & would recommend it to anyone if you're looking to buy a camera. It's very similar to the 600D but is a lot more stable if you're shooting videos and has a pretty new interface.

♥ Talking about my new camera.. because it shoots videos I'm finally able to venture into the world of YouTube. I've been wanting to film makeup tutorials and other beauty related videos for the LONGEST time now and I'm finally getting around to doing it. The photos above are some stills from the first video I shot. I also have a new respect for makeup gurus on YouTube. It was actually A LOT harder than I thought to do and auto focus is the biggest pain.

♥ I have officially had enough of Winter. I have tried, I really have.. to be a Winter person. But I just can't do it. Don't get me wrong, the idea of snuggling inside with a warm hot chocolate on a cold winters night sounds lovely but unfortunately I realised it's just not for me anymore. Luckily, with Spring only a few weeks away the days are starting to get warmer and longer. December, please hurry up.

♥ TGIF. This week feels like it has been never ending and has completely drained me. It's almost lunch time and I'm already ready to take a nap. It's fair to say I'm more than happy to get away and relax this weekend. What are your plans? I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

Swisse Argan Oil

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Argan Oil is said to be one of the most effective skin hydrators for maintaining healthy skin. The other day I managed to purchase this Argan Oil by Swisse Australia. This face oil promises to help improve the appearance of skin and protects against the signs of premature ageing. It helps improve the appearance of skin elasticity, hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, dry and sun damaged skin, dry hair ends and brittle nails.

One product to help skin, hair AND nails using natural ingredients? I was already sold.

I swear by natural oils for the body - from rosehip to coconut oil, not only do oils almost always have more than one use but they have always worked wonders for me.

This is used by gently massaging in 2-3 drops onto clean skin until absorbed. Use as required on face, hair or nails.

The first place I used this Argan oil was on my face and it didn't agree with it. I have combination skin and found that this tended to make it a lot more oily and didn't absorb that well.  I feel like it would be better suited to dry skin types that are in need of desperate hydration. I found it great for any drier patches of skin, scars, lines, etc. The trick is also not to use it too often otherwise it doesn't work as effectively.

I loved using this for my hair, usually a few times a week. It gave it that extra shine and silky feeling. I only tend to use it on my ends when they're looking a bit too dry or dull. Also a great product for nails and cuticles, giving them those extra vitamins and they always feel so smooth after. It's lovely to apply before doing home manicures because it makes your cuticles soft and easy to shape.

20ml for $19.95 | 50ml for $27.95

Have you ever tried Argain Oil?

Revlon Parfumiere Nail Enamels

Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm sure many of you know or have heard of the Revlon Parfumiere scented nail polish range. Scented nail polishes have been around for quite some time, however Revlon has been the first big brand to release a massive 24 colour collection of scented nail enamels.

Packaging and presentation wise, Revlon have hit it spot on with these french inspired bottles. They were so pretty I needed at least a couple in my makeup stash. Each shade is a different scent with a corresponding colour.

I managed to pick up two the other day, Espresso and Powder Puff. I hadn't smelt them before buying them, I pretty much bought them for the colours. I've heard a lot of complaining about the time it takes for these to dry but for me, these didn't take long at all - literally a few minutes at most.

Powder Puff is a soft, baby pink with small pieces of glitter running through it. It is quite a sheer shade, this was about three coats. I found it near impossible to get a good photo of this, it really doesn't do it justice. The scent isn't overwhelming, it's very clean, sweet and floral. Although like almost colours in this range, it does linger on for a bit. A really pretty colour but it was still a bit too sheer for my liking. Without a top coat, it lasted about 3 days without chipping.

True to its bottle, Espresso is a deep, rich black with a blue undertone. Although, you can mostly only see the blue undertone as you're painting it on. It goes completely opaque with 2 coats as shown in the picture which I loved. This applies like gel and is incredibly smooth. Personally, I love the smell of coffee but I'm really just not the biggest fan of this scent despite it being one of the more popular ones. It recalls an aroma of coffee beans, it's a bit overpowering at first but dies down a lot. Without a top coat, this lasted about 4 days on me without chipping which is really impressive!

 They retail for $15.95 each and can be found at Priceline, Myer, David Jones and Target.

NYX Eyeshadow Base Primer

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Since I'm going through a current primer obsession (seriously, it's getting bad..), I've felt the need to try numerous primers these past few weeks. One that I've had an interest in for some time has been the NYX Eye Shadow Base Skin Tone Primer. I think it's because it slightly resembles MAC's skin colour paint pots and I'm still trying to find a reasonable dupe.

I just love the packaging of these and how much product there is. It comes in a pot and I use a small concealer brush or synthetic hair brush to apply for hygienic reasons. You really do get more than your moneys worth as I find a lot of my other eye primers tend to run out really quickly.  It's a creamy, skin toned base that is supposed to intensify your eyeshadow giving it something to hold onto and make it last longer. The formula is creamy yet dry, which I find the perfect consistency to apply and blend. It is also available in white and and pearl. If you have a pale skin tone I would recommend going for one of the other colours as this can look a bit too orange and dark.

This is one of my favourite budget-friendly primers at the moment. It definitely makes applying eyeshadow a lot easier, lasts all day on me, hides any discoloration and evens the lids out. However, if I were to repurchase this I'd probably go for the white because it's a more universal shade. The 7g pot retails for $7 from the NYX website or $12.95 from Target Australia.

Have you ever tried this? What is your favourite eye primer?

Natio Skincare

Monday, August 11, 2014

Natio has always been one of those brands that I just keep going back to. Their products are created using the principles of aromatherapy. This means they combine all their ingredients with 100% pure essential oil extracted from aromatic flowers and plants to help balance, treat and relax the mind, body and spirit. Did I also mention that Natio only use plant based ingredients? They almost appear to be a higher end brand because of their gorgeous packaging but are both affordable and accessible to everyone.

Face Mask Purifier (sample size) | $15.95 for full size
Like any mask, this helps to unclog and tighten pores. This clay and plant face mask is suited to all skin types and helps improve tired skin. The consistency is quite thin and runny for a face mask but at the same time it does leave your skin feeling smooth and after continuous use your face does become brighter. However, I feel like there are more effective face masks out there!

Rehydrating Toner | $14.95 for 200ml
This toner is made up of ingredients such as organic Rosehip Oil, Aloe and Mandarin to purify, balance and revitalise skin. This prepares skin for moisturiser application. It smells lovely and doesn't irritate my skin. I love using this toner in the morning as a wake me up and it leaves my skin feeling really fresh and hydrated. Moisturisers and foundations glide on after using this!

Renew Radiance Foam Cleanser (sample size) | $15.95 for full size
This cleanser supposedly restores skin integrity to reveal a fresher, brighter and more radiant complexion. It promotes skin clarity and an even toned complexion. I've really enjoyed using this cleanser, it's lightly scented and great for removing makeup at the end of the day. It has a creamy texture and lathers into a soft foam when you add water. It leaves my skin feeling really soft, especially when combined with the toner.

Daily Protection Face Moisturiser SPF 15 | $16.95 for 100g
This is to be used everyday under makeup or by itself to hydrate your skin and provide sun protection. This is a lovely moisturiser that doesn't irritate sensitive skin. It is very lightweight, has a smooth texture, absorbs immediately and leaves skin feeling tight and refreshed. This is my go-to moisturiser that I wear under my makeup in Summer for the SPF and in Winter to keep my skin hydrated. It has a sort of lavender scent when you first apply it but it quickly fades after you blend it in.

Have you ever tried Natio?
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